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Many of our clients want to find more ways to support birds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators in their area and meadows are a great way to do that.  Some want to reduce or eliminate turf grass for a variety of reasons.  When clients ask for a meadow, we of course get excited about the chance to increase habitat, ecological value, and beauty in our area.  After all, prairies and meadows are one of the most endangered ecosystems and habitats in the Eastern United States.  But here in the mid-Atlantic where invasive plants grow pervasively and nature’s default tendency is to become a forest, meadows don’t come easy.  It’s certainly not as simple as weeding an area, ordering a general can of “pollinator seed mix”, and then tossing it down and walking away.  Native Havens' staff has taken many years of coursework in order to understand the natural ecological processes at play, so we may be best poised to guide a meadow project toward establishment- from the initial site preparation, to sowing the seed, and performing the critical maintenance steps over the seasons/years that meadows require. Here are some of our most successful meadows (note: there were years of "growing pains" before these photos were taken): 


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