Overhead Planting Plans (Below)

​​For most sites and design projects, an "Overhead Planting Plan" is the best option. These plans show the planting areas to scale, as well as the species and placement of each plant.  In some cases, both a concept design image and overhead planting plan are recommended by us or preferred by the client.


Clients can tap into our plant knowledge and artistic abilities. We’ll design the garden that fits you perfectly.  We strive to design beautiful spaces that will match your threshold for maintenance.  We are familiar with the growth rate and mature sizes of hundreds of plants so we choose ones that won’t outgrow their place or require too much trimming.  By basing decisions on science and experience we can avoid many of the most common mistakes.

There are many goals and considerations that are regularly incorporated into the stylized naturalistic custom designs of Native Havens.  Here are a few:

- Beautiful landscapes that relate to the architecture and surroundings

- Layouts with pleasing rhythms and contrasting textures
- A focus on using native species (>70% or more)

- Highly diverse designs which also provide the added benefit of resiliency

- Supports pollinators and wildlife by providing food, water, and habitat

- Create low maintenance landscapes for our clients in an avg of 2-3 years

Low maintenance landscapes are achieved by:

- Closely matching the vigor or aggressiveness of the species in an area,

- Arranging the plants to fit and complement each other’s form

- Using a high density of plants to maximize soil coverage and minimize bare soil therefore reducing the need for excessive weeding and mulching

 *Clients can request other goals and considerations such as succession of blooms, 3-4 season interest, water conservation features, edible and medicinal species, preservation of certain viewsheds, etc.

Digital Design Software

​For some garden designs of smaller spaces, a "Digital Concept Design"  may suffice. This tool simply superimposes digital plant images over a picture of the site. These images also can help clients to visualize certain spaces within a larger project, when they can't get a clear picture of the design intent from the overhead planting plan. 

Ecological Landscape Design - Installation - Maintenance 

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