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Pruning Services

James Dillon, PCH has studied the art and science of pruning for over two decades. Whether the plant requires "thinning", "thinning for size reduction", "heading back", "subordinating", or simply "shearing" for shaping and/or size control... we'll advise and execute by picking the various strategy that delivers the intended result while considering the long-term health of the plant and staying within the budget. 

By tapping into Native Havens' knowledge base, you'll learn when to prune certain plants, which ones can be sheared (saves time) back in the spring (e.g. American Beautyberry, Abelia) vs. spring-blooming shrubs that should be pruned later in season after they flower (e.g. Viburnum, Spicebush, Lilac). 

Hand pruning strategies are often employed for the health and well-being of many shrubs, and to avoid the plants having a "leggy" appearance over time. Shearing alone year after year can be detrimental to both performance and appearance. 

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