Rain Gardens

Preventing storm water runoff is paramount for the health of the ecosystem. Rain Gardens are an excellent way to capture runoff, thus driving water into the water table below ground. As the water penetrates the soil, pollutants are filtered out by either clinging to soil or being absorbed by plants. 

We view rain gardens as an opportunity to stack functions and provide ecosystem services in a number of ways: carbon sequestration, pollinator planting, Monarch waystation, native insects' host plants, berries/seeds for birds, and mitigate the pollutants and sediment from entering into the sewers, rivers, and bay.

Not all sites are suitable for rain gardens; they must only be placed in areas far enough from house foundations and in soils with adequate drainage properties, or additional engineering (i.e. underdrain) will be required. 

The first step is analyzing the site and doing a "percolation test" to see if the soil is favorable for a rain garden. Drop us a line through our Contact Us page and we'll schedule a site visit to talk about the possibilities!

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