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Native Havens strives to stand apart from the competition when it comes to garden maintenance services. James and crew have studied plants in the classroom as well as in the field and are familiar with effective strategies for managing the plants in your landscape. Native Havens will suggest the ideal timing and frequency of certain work in the garden to achieve the results you're looking for with the most efficiency possible.

Custom gardening services are structured around the client’s needs and ideal timing and frequency are based on science. This method enables us to better work with the ecology of your site and paint a “whole picture” view of your landscape over the course of a season. When the whole picture is understood the best decisions can be made and resources can be saved by not over-managing something without good reason. Whether we're providing spring cleanup, mulching, pruning, or weed management services we strive to base our decisions on the science of ecology and horticulture.

Try us out for a single garden maintenance visit or let's discuss an ongoing maintenance service; we look forward to being your garden ambassador!

Ecological Landscape Design - Installation - Maintenance 

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