​​Landscape and Garden Services with Horticultural Expertise


Garden Maintenance with expertise in horticulture

James Dillon, PCH  has been studying plants and working in the landscaping industry for over 15 years.  He studied Biology at East Carolina University gaining a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry.  In his studies he developed an appreciation for the benefits of diverse plantings and how they foster beneficial insects, bring birds to the landscape and ultimately require less pesticides and maintenance. While gardens have a beneficial effect on wildlife, the effect some plantings have on the human psyche can be profound.  Expertise in horticulture and experience in the field ensure that plants adapted for the exact planting situation are used to ensure a very high rate of survival.  James is familiar with the growth rates and habits of ornamental and native plants; you'll be pleased to figure out...."what the name of that conifer planted by the house is and how big does it get?"  James will help you determine what almost any species is on the property, how big it gets, what the life-span is and the most effective and efficient way of managing it. 


     James worked for many years in the nursery field so please tap into his vast experience on the best way and time to prune any ornamental plant and just how that action will make the plant respond.  James has also studied ecological landscape design in great detail (how plants grow over time, form communities and respond to our actions).  This study has provided him the knowledge to suggest effective strategies in managing your planting that ultimately leads to efficient and cost-effective maintenance plans. 


     James finds the art involved in an ornamental planting design a key component in how a planting affects us.  At Native Havens, rather than design simply a line of Boxwoods, we may use the same Boxwoods in attractive groups, drifts, or as single specimens.  Depending on the wants of each client, we'd also be likely to include diverse flowers and plants for foliage that are eye-catching and change throughout the seasons.   All of our planting designs strive to be beautiful and functional as well as neat and orderly with good rhythm and cohesiveness throughout the design.  

     Because of James' vast plant knowledge and experience, Native Havens will be a great choice of gardening companies no matter what your garden style...give us a call today and try our garden maintenance, installation and design services...we can't wait to talk about gardening with you!