​​Landscape and Garden Services with Horticultural Expertise


Help Wanted:  Ecological and Residential Landscape Designer/Sales Person/Production Manager 

Small business seeks a plant expert to design, sell, and manage his/her landscape designs/installations.

Ideal candidate will:

-Seek to utilize his/her knowledge of horticulture, ornamental plants, and ecology as a landscape designer/salesperson. 

-Be highly intrinsically motivated, be VERY knowledgeable about plants, an excellent salesperson, pay close attention to details, and have logistical talents (managing production/supervising installation).

-Possess extensive knowledge of native and ornamental plants including: nomenclature, ornamental traits (flowering season/shape/color, foliage texture, and plant habit/form), culture (i.e. growing conditions in the landscape), and morphological attributes (e.g. root structure, plant form, etc.).  Note: this vast amount of knowledge usually is gained over several years of managing a garden center, or other experience studying, working with, or designing with plants. 

-Possess extensive knowledge/training regarding ecological principles such as succession of plant communities, “R” (short-lived) & “K” (long-lived) perennials, etc.

-Be familiar with the ecological value of certain native species (e.g. larval host plants, nectar sources with special value to native bees/pollinators).

-Possess extensive knowledge of problematic weeds (i.e. identification, active growth period, root morphology, treatment methods).

-Demonstrate ability to design attractive, functional, and successful plantings that proliferate, yet stay within the spaces allotted.

-Demonstrate good communication skills and willingness to receive instructions regarding company procedures/policies.

-Work synergistically alongside owner, receiving instruction and developing complex designs.

-Demonstrate leadership qualities, good communication skills and ability to work with existing crew.

-Have valid driver’s license and vehicle.

-Enjoy working outdoors and tolerant of extreme weather conditions, including hot/humid weather.

-Be capable of lifting 50 lbs or more repeatedly.

Responsibilities Include:

-Design, sell, and manage installation of landscapes that reflect the company’s mission (e.g. no invasive plants, ecological value of plantings) and style (e.g. solid designs that accent architecture, work with infrastructure, utilize diversity of plant forms/textures used in attractive ways that create pleasing rhythms and fit project scale).

-Drive company vehicles or personal vehicle to/from client meetings and jobsites.

-Manage all aspects of design, sale, and installation including contact with client, logistical planning/scheduling, plant procurement, layout, closeout, etc. 


Pay is combination of commission and hourly wage based on experience.